26 Oct 2011

Señoras con gatos ^.^ Ladies with cats... cat_ladies???

Hello again! I don't know what made me think about painting these  (¿?) ;-) 
(owning two hairballs doesn't have anything to do with it.. haha :D)
Hola! No se que me hizo pensar en pintar estas cosas... (¿?) ;-)
(tener 2 "monigatos" no tiene nada que ver, seguro... jaja :D)


19 Oct 2011

Casas *.* Houses

So there, some houses I 've been sketching from "life" ;-) 
Pues unas casitas que he dibujado por la calle y desde casa :)
From my window. 17.10.2011. Digital
Left: houses on the Spaarne. Right: Houses from Den Bosch. Both: markers on paper

Houses on the Spaarne. Pastel on Canson paper.

15 Oct 2011

Facebook ::: Caralibro

Some fast doodles from some (great) pictures taken by some friends in facebook. Just practicing as always :D
Algunos garabatos hechos a partir de las (súper) fotos que hacen algunos amigos del "caralibro". Para no perder la costumbre :D

Photos by: Tom GS Photography, Alex Huguet and Ramón Lopez

Pencil, markers and digital