3 Feb 2015

I've moved...

Yeah... too long without a post, uh? Even longer than usual.
I've moved to tumblr! Oh...
So now you can see my updates here: http://graciartworks.tumblr.com
They have less text and more image.

Otherwise, other ways to see my artwork, here: www.graciaartigas.com
And on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GraciArtWorks
So many places!  See you there then ;-D Thanks so much for following!

22 May 2014

It's Been Ages....

...since I posted anything here... Workload and other social networks are to blame, hahaha.
I leave this one here today.
One of the best things in Holland is that you can go everywhere on a bike with your friends. And I mean everywhere.
I saw this two in the street, and I thought of drawing them. It took me a while to get round to it. Hope you like it.
Best Friends On The Bike. Digital

20 May 2013

Waiting for the sun

It seems that the sun doesn't want to come to where we are...
Digital painting


Here are some landscapes I did taking as reference some really nice photos.
Just to practice and have some fun.

Digital painting. From a photo by Daniel Rericha.

Digital painting. From a photo by Isaak Fernandez.
Digital painting. From a photo by Daniel Rericha.

10 Jan 2013

New year's resolutions???

Painted after a shot of a beautiful actress from a TV series.  I changed the background and some details in her and had fun painting.
Hope you like it.
Kate. Digital painting.
Kate. Detail. 

28 Nov 2012

"The party had dragged on for days..."

An illustration inspired by a micro-story by Nanobooks:
"The party had dragged on for days. The haggard faces of those less accustomed to such excesses looked on, as She swept into the room..."
Hope you like it :D

The Party. Digital.
The Party -just a detail-

7 Nov 2012

Little characters :)

Hi there, some characters I designed for the Animation Master by the U-TAD (Digital Art and Technology University, Madrid). So they are converted into CGI characters for the students to learn and play with. I can't wait to see the animations they will do during the Master.
It had to be a family with 5 different characters (a ball, a puppet, a human and a winged creature).
In the following images I illustrate the process we followed to get to those ones. We started from scratch and it was fun to do.
I hope you like it too. ^_^

First proposals of themes for the family (each horizontal row is a theme).
The chosen one was the bottom one, inspired in the 60's rock bands,  and we called it U-Band,
to go with the name of the school.  

Variations over the chosen theme. To choose colours, style and shape

Boy and girl. Colour.
The girl should be designed as a variation of the boy.
Keeping the main body, proportions and as many features as possible. 

Some poses and props to interact with (giving some ideas for animation)

Zebra. Colour.

Zebra model sheet. One of them.

DJ puppet model sheet. One of them too. As an example.

1 Oct 2012

The reader

We went around during the "monument open door day" and we saw him. We had to take a couple of photos... and I had to paint it . Classic style, 'course. :)

Digital painting
A couple of the pictures we took (pics by Jason)

19 Sept 2012

To The Rescue

This is the design I did for the first CD of Ruddy Shelduck, Jason's band. 
It was fun to do, hope you like it. 
You can know more about the band in their facebook or listen to some songs in here

Un CD! este es el diseño que hice para el primer CD de Ruddy Shelduck, el grupo de Jason.
muy divertido hacerlo. A ver si os gusta.
Mas sobre el grupo en su facebook y si quereis oir alguna canción: here


sleeve front cover. digital.
Sleeve back+front cover. digital.

disc. digital.
The real thing!

17 Sept 2012

Trying out some brushes

So, a little portrait from a photograph, trying out some PS brushes. I like the texture. :) 
Un pequeño retrato a partir de una foto. Probando pinceles de PS. Me gusta la textura que deja :)


13 Sept 2012


Anda que... no hay excusas.
Una chica que vi en la Mozarthaus de Viena, asi de delgada, vestida de negro y blanco (mas negro que blanco) y con la piel de ese color.. Ella sola ya era un dibujo. Asi la recuerdo, con la audio-guia en la mano... ^_^
(Por cierto, la Mozarthaus no mola nada @:-(

No excuses... 
A girl I saw in the Mozarthaus in Vienna. She was that thin, dressed in black and white (more black than white) and with that light skin colour... She was already a drawing. That's how I can recall her, with her audio-guide in her hand ^_^
(Btw, the Mozarthaus is not very nice to visit. Dull. @:-( 


23 May 2012

Sketches on the way

A couple of sketches done while "touristing" around :)
Un par de dibus mientras "turisteaba" un poco :) 

People in a museum (pencil on paper while in the Hermitage in Amsterdam... and a bit of photoshop at home :) 

Girls on the train (also pencil and a bit of photoshop) 

11 May 2012

Views from different times

So, a couple of sketches made from different places and time.
To keep this going (I found spiderwebs again, shame on me ;-) 

Un par de dibujos de distinta edad para mantener esto un poco activo (otra vez vengo y me encuentro telarañas, no tengo solución ;-) 

De Grote Kerk from the V&D building (marker and PS)
De Adriaan (marker on paper)
Madrid from the south (oil on board)

20 Feb 2012

McDonalds, fast food, fast freelance ;-)

Hi, this is one of the last adverts I have been working!
I had to do this three concepts for the environments.
(it's amazing how hungry you get when you are working with food pictures on the screen! haha ;-)
All of them are digital painting.
Hope you like them!

And the advert looks like this (Animation, FX and PP: Miopia FX): 

The whole Sketchbook Project

Hi! just to say that you can see the whole Sketchbook Project here:
The Companion Book
Hope you like it. It was very nice to do it (although I had to do it fast, haha)

25 Jan 2012

The Sketchbook Project 2012

I've just finished filling up a sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project by Art House CO-op. Just sent it today. I hope it gets there on time.
It's a funny thing to do, and also as you have a deadline, you actually finish it somehow (even when I signed up very late ;-)
I am uploading here some samples of the content (I will shortly upload the whole book to my profile in the Art House website).
All drawings have been inspired by things I've read, heard, seen .. somewhere... so thank you to all who write in any form that it may be.
Ah the title (or theme) is The Companion Book (It actually makes you company ;)

20 Dec 2011

Felices Fiestas! *.*.* Happy Christmas!

Y gracias por los comentarios!! Os deseo desde aqui tambien en gran Año Nuevo!! 
And many thanks for all your comments!! I hope you have a great New Year too!!

24 Nov 2011

Loteria de Navidad. Fábrica de sueños * The Dream Factory

Ya han estrenado el anuncio de la loteria de Navidad de este año, en el que trabajé haciendo los diseños de los props (que son de verdad) y de los entornos 3D, aparte del pitch.
Al final se parecen bastante a los diseños originales asi que me hace ilusión.
Incluyo algunos de los diseños. Se pueden ver mas en mi web que acabo de actualizar :)
The advert of the Xmas National Lottery in Spain is out and I did all the concept art and designs for the props (real ones) and 3D environments. Here I include some of the designs. The final props and environment is  quite close to my designs so that's nice. 
You can see more designs in my recently updated website :) 
Hope you like it!! 
The spot is by Agency Grey, produced by Lee Films, postproduction by Miopia FX

and the spot: