23 May 2012

Sketches on the way

A couple of sketches done while "touristing" around :)
Un par de dibus mientras "turisteaba" un poco :) 

People in a museum (pencil on paper while in the Hermitage in Amsterdam... and a bit of photoshop at home :) 

Girls on the train (also pencil and a bit of photoshop) 

11 May 2012

Views from different times

So, a couple of sketches made from different places and time.
To keep this going (I found spiderwebs again, shame on me ;-) 

Un par de dibujos de distinta edad para mantener esto un poco activo (otra vez vengo y me encuentro telarañas, no tengo solución ;-) 

De Grote Kerk from the V&D building (marker and PS)
De Adriaan (marker on paper)
Madrid from the south (oil on board)