7 Nov 2012

Little characters :)

Hi there, some characters I designed for the Animation Master by the U-TAD (Digital Art and Technology University, Madrid). So they are converted into CGI characters for the students to learn and play with. I can't wait to see the animations they will do during the Master.
It had to be a family with 5 different characters (a ball, a puppet, a human and a winged creature).
In the following images I illustrate the process we followed to get to those ones. We started from scratch and it was fun to do.
I hope you like it too. ^_^

First proposals of themes for the family (each horizontal row is a theme).
The chosen one was the bottom one, inspired in the 60's rock bands,  and we called it U-Band,
to go with the name of the school.  

Variations over the chosen theme. To choose colours, style and shape

Boy and girl. Colour.
The girl should be designed as a variation of the boy.
Keeping the main body, proportions and as many features as possible. 

Some poses and props to interact with (giving some ideas for animation)

Zebra. Colour.

Zebra model sheet. One of them.

DJ puppet model sheet. One of them too. As an example.

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Carolina said...

Tengo que admtir que mi preferido es el desarrollo del bichito con alas ^__^

Bravo, rubita!