22 May 2014

It's Been Ages....

...since I posted anything here... Workload and other social networks are to blame, hahaha.
I leave this one here today.
One of the best things in Holland is that you can go everywhere on a bike with your friends. And I mean everywhere.
I saw this two in the street, and I thought of drawing them. It took me a while to get round to it. Hope you like it.
Best Friends On The Bike. Digital


Guillaume Bonamy said...

Superbe!!! But who is the driver??

Sebastià Martí said...

mola mazo (has visto que erudito?)

Gracia said...

Gracias! thank you guys! :D -The driver is unknown, someone I saw in the streets, I just painted whatever I could remember.. which was not much hahaha.
It was the image of the big man with the dog in the box that struck me as cute (and dogs not jumping out of the box always impresses me ;-)